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Science Education Reimagined

Hands-on science classes to ignite your child's curiosity.

Join us online, from the comfort of your own home

for weekly classes and experiments.

Our Program


Science kits 

Before the start of a 12-week program, science kits are delivered to your door step. These kits feature 12 different experiments that are organized and will be used throughout the course of the programming. This makes science fun for your kids, but easy for you! 

The experiments

During the one-hour class, students get the chance to work on a different experiment each week. These experiments range from a variety of topics including: biology, chemistry, physics and earth sciences! Teachers provide instruction throughout the course of the hour to help your child throughout the class. 


Learning about the science

After completing the experiments, teachers walk through the science behind each experiment to ensure that your child understands the reason behind each reaction. Students also get to play games which reinforces their learning, towards the end of each class. 

Childern study science
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